We focus on creating health technology solutions in three focus areas to improve peoples’ lives.

Medical Technologies
Technologies for Independent Living
Digital Health Technologies

Reva Solutions is a leading provider of Enterprise Content and Information Management Solutions. Reva provides clients with business-oriented solutions with over 15 years of expertise in content management, process management, customer communications, and solutions for energy and engineering.

eTreatMD develops mobile health apps that empower people to take a more proactive approach to their own health and wellness.The Company’s LiveWith Arthritis App offers measurement and diagnostic tools that measure physical changes and inform patients on how their pain correlates to factors like weather, diet and activities.

Target Tape designed the X-Line product to allow medical teams to more accurately measure tumour depth below the surface of the skin in larger patients where there are higher rates of distortion in CT scan images. The product adheres to the patient’s skin and its radiovisible lines appear in the CT scan image as a series of dots over the distortion – connecting the dots in the image creates an accurate body outline. X Line was developed in partnership with a medical physicist from the BC Cancer Agency, Fraser Valley Centre. The product is being exclusively distributed by UltraRay Medical, the largest single focused health imaging distributor in Canada.

Obidou is redefining the mental healthcare system by enhancing patient to patient, doctor to patient, and doctor to doctor connections. Obidou presents a novel mental health and addiction assessment tool that allows doctors to assess and monitor patients quickly and accurately.

Cambian helps organizations that manage healthcare processes, applications and data to leverage new technology to improve the quality of delivery. By deploying innovative information technology that enhances care delivery, Cambian offers leading edge healthcare applications that specialize in e-health.

Nilo Software is focused on providing healthcare workers an efficient and streamlined application platform that maximizes workplace productivity and allow health care professionals to focus on their efforts on what matters most – the care of their patients.

MedVal Systems is a critical link in supporting medical imaging professionals in acquiring, maintaining, advancing and validating diagnostic skills required to ensure quality care for patients around the world. MedVal Systems is a powerful, dynamic, cloud based system that combines a state of the art DICOM viewer, a knowledge management system and real time collaborations tools creating a 24/7/365 anywhere, anytime, learning opportunity for medical imaging professionals around the world.

WholeLife Health Tech is a Vancouver-based innovative company providing a health platform to address chronic diseases and disorders. Our goal is to provide associations, businesses, and healthcare providers the tools to reduce healthcare costs and for their consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle. We strive to offer easy-accessible, affordable and cost-effective mobile solutions–empowering people to contribute to our apps and hereby constantly improving them.

The Porton Health Platform was conceived and developed through collaboration and experience of Care Providers, Patients, and Technology professionals with a core focus on what matters to each population, be it Patient, Provider or Support Personnel. The Platform facilitates real time consults between subscribed providers patients and care organisations. In addition our platform allows for the ability to receive an “alternate opinion” for those important and critical health decisions subscribers have to make, while providing ongoing support and care to patients with chronic health conditions.

dnaPower seeks to redefine fitness and health with their innovative DNA test kit which provides essential information on how to optimize personal health and fitness. We are committed to creating a world where everyone knows their unique genetic makeup to make smarter, more powerful lifestyle decisions for a healthier, happier life.

HeadStart Medical Ltd. is designer and manufacturer of corrective cranial bands for children with misshaped heads. We provide solutions for faster identification, assessment and treatment of babies with flat heads (Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Trigonocephaly).

ShevLabs Nanotechnologies is an industry leader in utilizing its proprietary nanotechnology techniques to research and develop new medical devices in the fields of tissue engineering and rejuvenation. Our mission is to provide innovative medical treatments through sustainable nanotechnology methods.

MindfulGarden explores the potential for interactive technology and digital art to calm frail elderly hospitalized patients with hyper-active dementia. By creating a therapeutic device built on a custom software platform that responds to movement and sound, and uses biosensor input that reduces anxiety, agitation and aggression in hospitalized patients, Mindful Garden hopes to reduce the length of hospital stays, and the risks of caregiver and patient injury. Mindful Garden is at the forefront of digital therapeutics which play a significant role in healthcare.

Rostrum Medical focuses on providing medical practitioners with new and useful solutions to everyday challenges in the healthcare industry. Our team of leading clinicians, combined with our engineering and business expertise, allows us to deliver leading edge solutions to problematic uncertainties in modern day practice. Rostrum Medical strives to develop and refine new and useful links between medical and biomedical engineering with innovative products that enhance patient care.

Careteam is rooted in two fundamental beliefs: home is where patients want to be, and the best approach is to support them in both health and life needs – as one. Careteam creates a dynamic integrated care plan that enables discharge, transition and care coordination for care in hospital, community and home. This creates a single location to collaborate around the patient’s journey and next steps, as well as allows health providers and patients/family to communicate between each other. Careteam is an innovative personal care platform for patients and families deployed as a SaaS by large health care organisations.

Freshworks.io is bringing iOS, Android and Web development to the health tech field. Most notably, we have created the Livecare Connect (TM) Telehealth Platform which improves a clinic’s efficiency, patient satisfaction and schedule flexibility. Freshworks continue to strive and innovate to push app development to the next level.

Biomark Diagnostics is an oncology focused company with advanced stage diagnostic technologies and promising anti-body based cancer treatment pipeline. With their metabolomics-based diagnostic assay, Biomark hopes to develop and commercialize innovative technologies to increase prediction and accuracy in the diagnosis of cancer.

iClinic is providing the platform to be the next generation of electronic medical records systems. Building on previous successes, iClinic now coordinates with the BC Medical Services Plan to create the EMR suite. We strive to produce the best, specialist-driven, web-based software solutions that combines cutting-edge technology to provide the best practice in medical office workflows.


CareCrew is a mobile app that transforms how people care for elderly family members. They provide innovative technology to help provide the best care to the people they love. By taking a family-first and person-centered-care approach, CareCrew aim’s to make the lives of those who require long-term home care as enjoyable as possible.


ViewsIQ is a medical imaging company, focused on digitizing a patient’s lab samples (e.g. – blood, urine, tissue) under the microscope. Panoptiq is the world’s fastest imaging system that stitches the microscope’s fields of view together into one panoramic image of a lab sample, allowing one to send patient images to a clinician anywhere in the world. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the laboratory’s existing microscopy workflow, clinicians can now provide high quality of care virtually to patients anywhere around the globe.

Empower Operations

Empower Operations offers a rapid data-driven design software OASIS that enables companies to accelerate their design processes. Today’s market demands products with great quality, price, and safety. OASIS offers industry leading machine learning & optimization technologies that are efficient for a broad spectrum of design and manufacturing problems. 

MoleScope™ is designed by MetaOptima to simplify the entire skin screening process. It is a smartphone attachment for dermoscopy that provides a high-resolution, detailed view of the skin through magnification and specialized lighting. MoleScope is the first home-use mobile dermoscope that connects patients with doctors. Powered with their MoleScope device, patients can monitor their skin health from the comfort of their home.

NZTech’s novel product, TIPSO, enables surgeons to control radiology imaging software from within the Operating Room by projecting a control panel over the patient’s drape.

  • This control panel shortens surgery time, lowers infection risks, decreases patient exposure to radiation, prevents doctor’s fatigue and increases surgeon’s cognitive focus on patient.
  • All of these things significantly contribute to enhanced patient and surgeon safety.

iXtra Technologies provides a mobile tool that aids in the data management that can help health-care professionals with accessible application data.

Wellin5 provides an innovative mobile platform for patients to connect to professional counsellors and therapists anytime, anywhere. Wellin5 is the online solution to improving the world’s mental health by reducing patient waiting time and integrating at-home video sessions.