Join Innovation Boulevard and accelerate your health technology business to the next level!

Your benefits will include:

  • Access to accelerator space in the heart of Surrey City Centre
  • Up to $120,000/year in services from IBM Canada
  • Access to a network of 25 mentors, health investors, and health tech entrepreneurs from Innovation Boulevard
  • Connections to BC’s largest health regions, Fraser Health Authority, and other commercialization centers

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, your company must:

  1. Company must be incorporated in BC and/or Canada and maintain good standing with Innovation Boulevard
  2. Company must have at least one full time employee (FTE)
  3. Must be Technology Readiness Level 4 or greater (solution validated in laboratory setting, or greater)
  4. Must have a formal Intellectual Property agreement if applicable
  5. Must provide a compelling Positioning Statement as determined by an IB Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR)
  6. Must be financially secure for at least for 1 year (e.g. > $50,000 cash per 1 FTE)
  7. Must have a solution that is scalable.
  8. OR, be referred by the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, OR BC Innovation Council

Client Options

Resident Client
Virtual Client
Office Space at Innovation Boulevard – Accelerator at Central City Surrey
Yes; breakeven costs
No; some rooms can be booked a-la-carte for meetings, etc.
Annual Registration Fee
Access to highly experienced med tech business executives
Yes; $200/mo, minimum 1 year
Yes; $200/mo, minimum 1 year

How to Apply

Download Application

Download the application form and email the completed form back to, subject line: Client Application for [Your Company Name].