Innovator Profile – Conquer Mobile

Angela Robert | CEO | Conquer Mobile

Who are you?

I am the CEO of Conquer Mobile at the Health Tech Innovation Hub. We’re one of the first companies to move in here, right opposite Surrey Memorial Hospital.

What are you working on?

We are focused on medical simulation – enabling surgical staff to practice safely outside of the Operating Room (OR). Surgeons rely on having efficient, well-prepared teams. If we can help staff refeash their skills before going into suregery, then we can reduce stress levels, help teams perform better and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

We have developed a simulation platform for iPad and VR that teaches staff instrumentation. We use interactive video of real surgeries, with voice narration and gamification elements to motivate learners and provide a realistic learning scenario. With VR we can even scan the room and enable learners to move around in a realistic model of their own OR.

What has your experience been like at Innovation Boulevard?

We are dependent on working closely with surgeons to create and review learning content. Being right here opposite Surrey Memorial Hospital means we can literally pop across the street to sit down with a surgeon and review a learning module.

Being in the Hub means that we get to work alongside other amazing medical innovators and can share ideas and connections. Many times a chance conversation in the kitchen will spark a new idea for applying our solutions to other healthcare challenges. For instance, showing a 3D selfie to visitors just last week prompted ideas about potential use in a continuing care setting for chronic wound management.

Every single day in the Hub brings new connections, new ideas and new opportunities for collaboration. That’s why I chose to relocate the company here. I’m very glad I did.

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