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Xiaowei Song ph.D. | Fraser Health Authority and Simon Fraser University

Who are you?

I am a clinical neuroimaging scientist with the Fraser Health Authority and an adjunct professor in SFU’s School of Computing Science. I have a long-standing research interest in aging, especially brain aging and related cognitive decline and dementia. My work involves combining neuroscience, brain imaging, geriatric medicine research and computer science.

Before moving to British Columbia, I spent more than 17 years in Halifax Nova Scotia where I worked in the neuroimaging research lab of the National Research Council’s Canada Institute for Diagnosis for nearly 10 years.

What is your role in Innovation Boulevard?

I lead the MRI program in Innovation Boulevard’s new research node called ImageTech Lab. The lab is located in Surrey Memorial Hospital; it hosts a Philips 3.0T Ingenia CX system, together with a MEG system and other facilities, for non-invasive imaging and clinical applications.

As adjunct professor with SFU’s School of Computing Science I perform collaborative research studies, train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, teach courses and co-organize scientific seminars.

What projects are you working on?

My research focuses on improving patient care through health science and technology innovations.  I observe the brain using high-performance neuroimaging and computing technologies such as structural and functional MRI and health infomatics and datamining. Some examples include:

  • Modelling the dynamics of brain aging
  • Investigating the relationships between brain health and physical health
  • Long-term monitoring of dementia risks and recovery from acquired brain injury


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