About Us

Through partnership, entrepreneurship, and new technology, our vision is improved health for people and a vibrant network that supports economic growth. Innovation Boulevard brings together the problem solvers from business, health institutions, higher education, and government to introduce new options and drive value.

Economic Development

Innovation Boulevard delivers a variety of services and programs that spark the growth and success of BC-based health technology companies. Through our accelerator and mentorship programs, we help these companies access expertise, financial resources, and the networks to grow their business and enter new markets. We support health tech companies through all stages of development, from idea to revenue growth acceleration.

Health Care Innovation

Technology and business-model innovation, combined with creative partnerships and profitable collaborations—these are critical as we address the most challenging issues in health care. Innovation Boulevard acts as a catalyst in identifying projects and assembling the necessary thought leaders to initiate the projects. We are currently focusing on three key areas:

  • Establishing economic value testing models in the health care system.
  • Supporting technology innovation around the mandate of health care in the community.
  • Simplifying the health care purchasing process.

Technology Transfer

One of our key objectives is to translate promising technologies from the research world to the private sector and enable life-saving innovations to reach broader markets. Working with world-class universities like SFU, and with the Canadian VC community, Innovation Boulevard is pioneering a technology transfer program to attract business executives from around the world to lead new companies based in British Columbia. Our technology transfer program transitions high-value innovations from academia into the hands of entrepreneurs and Canadian small businesses to fast-track commercial development of sustainable, world-class businesses.

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

The Chair of the 2017 Advancing Innovation Roundtable noted the following about Canada:

"Our country is recognized worldwide for its skill and expertise in research and technological development, yet it currently faces a multi-billion-dollar gap in capital availability precisely at the stage where innovation companies can be most impactful for the economy. To ensure long-term sustainability, we also need to improve the foundations of the Innovation Ecosystem to ensure all Canadians capture the generational benefits derived from our efforts."

It is critical that organizations like Innovation Boulevard play a role in building this strategy, overcoming barriers to technological development and cultivating a vigorous Innovation Ecosystem.

Salil Munjal, ICD.D, Chair, Advancing Innovation Roundtable: Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Canada’s Innovation Economy, February 2017.