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New Partnership with France’s SATT Grand Centre

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalizes a relationship between Canadian researchers and Societe d’Acceleration du Transfer de Technologies (SATT) Grand Centre, which serves as a key interface between its network of researchers and companies to promote innovation in four French regions. Read the SFU news release.

Angela Robert

Innovator Profile – Conquer Mobile

Angela Robert | CEO | Conquer Mobile Who are you? I am the CEO of Conquer Mobile. We’re one of the first companies to move to Surrey, right opposite Surrey Memorial Hospital. What are you working on? We are focused on medical simulation – enabling surgical staff to practice safely outside of the Operating Room…

BIV MetaOptima June 2015

MetaOptima in Business in Vancouver

A perfect example of the companies now starting to emerge from BC’s established biotechnology and life sciences industry is MetaOptima, which has developed and is marketing the MoleScope, a small device that attaches to a smartphone which can help patients and physicians track potentially cancerous moles. While it is not a diagnostic or therapeutic device,…