Tech Startups Pitfall

The #1 Pitfall For Tech Startups

I’ve worked with start-up technology companies for over 20 years, both as an early-stage employee and founder, and as an external advisor and mentor. While the products, technologies, business models, founders and success stories have varied greatly, the most common pitfall I’ve come across is obtaining customer input into the product far too late in…

Kore Digital Health

KORE Digital Health Therapeutics Prepares to Launch Solution for Digestive Health

Innovation Boulevard is pleased to share some great news about one of our client companies. KORE Digital Health Therapeutics is preparing for the launch of their new subscription-based digital health app (MyHealthyGut) and B2B Enterprise Platform. Both are scheduled for release in May 2019. This digital therapeutic solution offers an innovative way for individuals and…


Early Planning for the #BCTECHSummit

When I attend any sort of event, conference, or educational opportunity, I always want to leave with at least three “takeaways” – ideas, actions, or strategies I can incorporate into my professional life, benefit my organization with, or weave into my personal life. Of course, I’m thrilled when I get more than three – as…


The New Geography of Jobs

Implications for Growing BC’s Knowledge Economy In his 2012 book, The New Geography of Jobs, Enrico Moretti, Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, looks at the knowledge-based economy in the United States, its economic significance, its geographic focus in cities Moretti calls “Brain Hubs,” and the elements that contribute to the creation…

IB Event at SFU June 29

“The Front and Back-End of Innovation”

June 29, 2016 SFU Surrey Over 200 people attended the Innovation Boulevard event ‘The Front and Back-End of Innovation: Competing on the International Stage.’ A key message from the health and industry leaders at the event was that for BC’s health technology sector to thrive, support must extend through the health system where evidence of…