Innovator Profile – BioMark Diagnostics

November 24, 2015

Who are you?

Rashid Ahmed, CEO and Founder of BioMark Diagnostics for the past six years.

We are developing a next generation cancer diagnostic technology based on metabolomics that will enable earlier detection and improve treatment by providing a more precise diagnosis. Specifically, we focus on understanding which metabolites are associated with different cancers, and developing the technology to detect them clinically. We’re really pushing the limits of detection by focusing on metabolites in blood and urine samples associated with cancer compared to the traditional model that uses imaging such as CT scans.

Prior to BioMark I worked in the energy and medical domains  that has given me a robust and relevant perspective on regulatory and broad-based understanding of the importance of essential services. The varied experiences have given me different perspective to how to positively impact our health sector.

What are you working on?

A lot as we expect to have our product available in Canada within the next 12 months and an FDA approved product within 24 months.

We’ve just completed a phase three clinical trial and are performing the validation which should be ready in January 2016.

We’re identifying a manufacturer for our point-of-care testing kits. We’ve developed these kits so clinicians and patients will be able to perform testing in the hospital or in the convenience of their home.

I’m also dedicating a lot of my time to building our international distribution relationships and channels that can important for attracting business into Surrey and Canada in general.

Why are you spending more of your time on Innovation Boulevard?

While we’re based in Richmond we established our Clinical Technology Centre in Surrey. We’re setting up clinical trials based at Surrey Memorial Hospital with the renowned physician Dr. James Bond and his team on lung cancer. The proximity to the hospital and user-groups is really beneficial to get early feedback so we know we’re able to design the optimal technology for use either in hospitals, labs, doctors’ offices or at patients’ homes right the first time around – “From bench to bed”!

Watch a Stock News Network video where Rashid gives a company overview and explains the technology in more detail.

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