Innovator Profile – Cambian

September 14, 2015

Bruce Forde, Ph.D. | CEO | Cambian

Who are you?

I am the founder and CEO of Cambian, a healthcare information technology provider located in downtown Surrey. Cambian customers include physicians, medical centres, health authorities, and integrated care delivery networks across North America. Cambian products include scheduling, business intelligence, and patient navigation services that enhance care delivery and improve patient outcomes. Before starting Cambian in 1999, I co-founded a mobile software company that grew quickly and ultimately went public. Over the past 30 years, I have enjoyed opportunities to work with talented teams on ground-breaking solutions at international systems engineering and information technology companies.

In my free time you’re likely to see me putting some miles on my road bike or at a soccer pitch managing my son’s team.

What are you working on?

One of our products is helping patients to see specialists more quickly by changing the way work is allocated amongst groups of specialists. We bring together information from physician electronic medical record systems so that wait times and other important information can be considered during the referral process. This approach is already showing tremendous wait time reductions for one of our customers that runs a major orthopaedic group practice in Victoria.

We’re also working on a system to enable better vaccination tracking and notification. We’d like to see parents receive automatic notification of what vaccines their children need, have easy access to online vaccination records, and be able to book appointments that are most convenient for them.

What has your experience been like at Innovation Boulevard?

We made the decision to move here in 2005 because we saw the benefits of being in Surrey with its rapidly growing business community and better lifestyle for our employees. It’s been remarkable to see the amount of activity and collaboration especially in the healthcare sector over the past two years.

Innovation Boulevard has also presented a great opportunity for me to share my experience with younger companies. For example, I’ve been working with Dr. Maryam Sadeghi who started Molescope out of Simon Fraser University. She’s achieved significant success.

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