Innovator Profile – Fraser Health

July 23, 2015

Dr. Fabio Feldman |Manager, Seniors Fall and Injury Prevention | Fraser Health

Who are you?

I lead a five-person team dedicated to reducing the impact of falls in the hospital system, care facilities and in the community. My work in this area began during my phD in biomechanics at Simon Fraser University where I worked in the Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab (IPML) under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Robinovitch.

Right away I saw how my research could move out of the lab to improve peoples’ health. In addition to the negative impact on health and quality of life, falls costs the Canadian health system at least $1 billion per year.

What are you working on?

We are currently conducting a clinical trial in a care home in Burnaby to evaluate the effectiveness of a new compliant floor technology designed to reduce injuries from falls. We have already conducted extensive biomechanical testing with the compliant flooring at the IPML and found it reduced the impact forces to the hip by 40% and to the head by 70% with minimal effects on balance and mobility when performing daily activities.

Our team is also working in the design of new hip protectors to improve user compliance in hospitalized patients. Hip protectors, which are foam pads built into clothing, may reduce the risk for a hip fracture by 80%. However, patients don’t like to wear them. We are solving the problem by improving the design and shape, and also applying them directly to the skin rather than in garments. The next step is to conduct a clinical trial at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

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