Innovator Profile – Target Tape

September 2, 2015

Nick Seto | Co-founder | Target Tape

Who are you?

Nick Seto, co-founder of Target Tape. Target Tape is a medical product that allows for fast, easy and accurate incisions by providing surgeons with a clear reference matched on the x-ray and the patient.

I met my co-founder Colin O’Neill in 2010 during a UBC class that paired engineering and commerce students. Target Tape started during that class and we’ve been building the company ever since.

What are you working on?

Our initial product was developed for spinal surgery and we are engineering Target Tape for different surgical applications, things like thoracic (chest) and orthopedic surgery for the leg.

My other priority is expanding sales into the US market.

What has your experience been like in Innovation Boulevard?

One of the doctors we are working with to test our product for thoracic surgery is located close by, so it’s made it easier to have a quick meeting and get feedback.

I’ve also received introductions to a few people around here including a medical physics doctor at the BC Cancer Agency that we’re now working with to explore applications to help with cancer treatment.

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